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Daan Schilder

"I have been impressed with the level of service provided by U-Send. They have consistently exceeded my expectations and have helped my business grow."

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Robin Veenen

"I recommend this agency to any e-commerce business looking to streamline their operations. They have been a valuable partner in helping my business succeed."

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Matthew Dirck

"I have been impressed with the level of service provided by U-Send. They have consistently exceeded my expectations and have helped my business grow."

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Straight-forward, free to use setup

Seeing is believing

You want to maintain a clear overview, keep everything running efficiently and more importantly focus on what is really important in your business.

Order Lists

Say goodbye to obscure and cluttered Excel sheets. Rely on clear, on-demand order and delivery information.

Private Agent

Finally an agent you have excellent personal contact with. Reachable every single day for all your fulfillment concerns.

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Manage everything, always.

Get easy insights into your tracking statuses and detect areas of concern in time.

Increase your client satisfaction by shipping fast and being able to inform them over their orders correctly.

Fast Shipments

Improve customer experience by using premium shipping. Shipments taking over a month are a thing of the past

Realtime Tracking

Continuous real-time updates on the latest tracking updates. All in one transparent overview

Better, together.

Want to share your portal with your team mates? Well you might. Fortunately U-Send supports that, Easily distribute roles to your team and work together.

Add your Team

Work seamlessly in one environment with your customer support, virtual assistant & product researcher

Organised Finances

Keep track of your profit margins by having instant insight into what expenses you are incurring each day.

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A simple but effective approach.

Let us explain to you how our process look

Product Sourcing

Request a product and we'll source it within 24 hours. You will know the exact prices that we can offer.

Order Processing

After you pay for the order in the portal, we take the product directly from the factory to our warehouse

Shipping your Orders

Once the products arrive in our warehouse we ship them out immediately. Trackingcode gets synced to Shopify.

Fast Delivery

Your shipments will be delivered quickly. Keep track of your shipments in our overview under order tracking.

Discover the advantages of our agency

Quick Shipping Methods

Quick Shipping Methods

Use our regular or premium shipping methods to get your orders delivered quickly. Our relatively fast deliveries increase customer satisfaction and reduce disputes. It helps you to build a successful dropshipping store.

Create an account and see for yourself in our customer portal how fast we can deliver.

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Reliable Aftersales

Reliable Aftersales

U-Send is here to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have about your orders and order fulfillment. For all support we are available the entire day via Whatsapp or Skype.

We are experienced in the E-commerce field so we can provide valuable insights where needed. Contact us today and let us help you grow your business and increase sales.

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Clear Overview

Clear Overview

For dropshippers, it's very important to keep good overview. With real-time updates on order status, shipping progress, and delivery information, you can keep track of all your orders in one place. Reduce errors and delays in your order fulfillment process, allowing you to focus on growing your business while increasing productivity and efficiency.

Don't miss out on the benefits of our order overview it will help you take your business to the next level.

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This will change your entire
Dropshipping Business.

Fast, cost-effective shipments with the after-sales service you dream of.

U-Send Fulfillment

Join forces with U-Send Fulfillment and make your business rock solid. Ready to scale?

Enjoy the endless benefits we offer you for free

What you can expect...

  • Fast Shipments Worldwide
  • Cheaper Prices than AliExpress
  • Personal Agent 24/7 available
  • Quick Aftersales Servies
  • Adding your Team members
  • Clean and Modern Interface
  • Possibilities for Branding
  • Access to our Community & Resources
  • And so much more...

Low-cost Goods

Use our services and enjoy the best quality/price ratio available. All goods are getting inspected for top quality, while you are still paying the lowest price possible.

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Realtime Analytics

Keep track of the health of your business in one simple dashboard. Analyze your costs to calculate your profits and be constantly aware of the status of your orders.

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Fast Shipping

Choose the best cost-effective shipping lines available to make your customers highly satisfied. Using quick & reliable shipping methods will prevent you from getting disputes.

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Easy Collaboration

Work seamlessly together with your team in one workspace. Add your VA, product researcher or customer support to create a smooth flow. Say goodbye to using 1000's of Spreadsheets.

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What They Say About Us

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Connect your Shopify store(s) to our Platform and immediately start improving your fulfillment today.

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You are probably wondering.

You can sign up at app.u-send.nl
After signing up, you can immediately link your shop and get started with your order processing.

U-Send is open for collaborations starting from 0 orders. This means that you can use U-Send's services as a beginner!

We believe that the basis is a stable and reliable fulfillment and therefore do not expect you to already have dozens of orders per day.

Signing up with U-Send is completely free of charge!

You pay only the product & shipping costs of the orders you receive anyway.

No extra or hidden costs.

Do you have any other questions? Visit our help center ->

Elevate your company's productivity

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